Girsby Farm Services Ltd
Lincolnshire Regenerative Agriculture Services
Girsby Grange, Burgh on Bain, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire.

Our services

Crop establishment

Variable rate zero till drilling of all cereal, oilseeds, grasses & cover crops with RTK GPS precision with a 4 metre John Deere 750A, 6 metre Weaving Sabre Tine, 8 metre Weaving rake & 4 metre Kuhn/Accord power harrow combination drill.

Crop protection & nutrition
Crop spraying with 5000 lt Chafer Sentry c/w GPS section shut off and variable rate.

Variable rate solid fertiliser applications from shape file data.

GPS auto steer equipped combine harvesting with a standard cutterbar for cereals, an extended cutterbar for OSR, a stripper header for linseed and other suitable crops.
We offer ploughing, subsoiling, power harrowing, rolling, GPS precision slug pelleting with auto steer fitted John Deere Gator, and a range of other cultivation based establishment systems to suit a variety of soil types.
Estate maintenance & Snow clearance

Estate maintenance includes pasture topping with a 4.6 metre Spearhead mulching topper as well as hedge cutting to 6.5 metres.

Both road & car park snow clearance services with 3 tractor mounted side blades, one telescopic handler mounted V blade & trailed grit spreader (to 10 metres) on John Deere Gator

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